“We know that the quality of your pet’s life is in your hands and you want to make the best possible choices… We feel the same way… That feeling is what inspired us to create our unique line of all natural products.” Yappetizers Treat Company was founded in 2003, is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operates out of metro Vancouver in British Columbia. We make all of our treats in our own state-of-the-art facility located in Vancouver, BC. Yappetizers treats can be found in pet stores and specialty boutique shops across the country. Built on the premise that a natural diet is the only option for our companions, we created simple, biologically appropriate treats. Inspired by Kora, a beautiful red & tan Doberman with a taste for the best… We are proud to be part of the movement toward health and well-being for all pets and we look forward to serving your faithful companions for years to come.

Unit 101 11568 Eburne Way
Richmond, BC
V6A 0A7

Phone: 800-365-9115
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