“We know that the quality of your pet’s life is in your hands and you want to make the best possible choices… We feel the same way… That feeling is what inspired us to create our unique line of all natural products.” Yappetizers Treat Company was founded in 2003, is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operates out of metro Vancouver in British Columbia. We make all of our treats in our own state-of-the-art facility located in Vancouver, BC. Yappetizers treats can be found in pet stores and specialty boutique shops across the country. Built on the premise that a natural diet is the only option for our companions, we created simple, biologically appropriate treats. Inspired by Kora, a beautiful red & tan Doberman with a taste for the best… We are proud to be part of the movement toward health and well-being for all pets and we look forward to serving your faithful companions for years to come.


Where Can I buy Yappetizers?

Yappetizers Treats can be found in pet stores across Canada and beyond.

Why is being CFIA certified important?

Currently the pet food industry in Canada is not regulated. Yappetizers treats can now be purchased in the United States. In order to import our products into the United States our plant must meet all the Health and Safety guidelines set out by Health Canada. This includes insuring that our meat and seafood are sourced from reputable companies. All products produced at our plant can be traced back to the original destination. We also follow strict cleanliness and handling procedures from start to finish.

How long do your treats last and how to store them?

Yappetizers treats are dehydrated over a long period of time during which most of the moisture is removed. This allows our treats to remain shelf stable for up to two years without the use of preservatives or chemicals.

Are your treats natural?

Yappetizers treats are as pure as you can get. All of the meats and fish we use are 100% human grade. We add no needless fillers, additives, colour or presrevative in the making of our treats. 


Sourcing of Raw Materials

All of our meat and seafood are all Human Grade and come from Federally inspected facilities. Here at Yappetizers we believe in the motto…”Give the Best…Not the Rest!” All our our ingredients are 100% Fish or 100% Meat. We use no other ingredients or preservatives in the making of our treats. Unlike many Pet Food companies, we make ALL of our treats in our own CFIA certified State-of-the-art facility located in Richmond, BC Canada.

Grinding of Product

Before we start grinding, all meat and fish is inspected and paper work checked in order to not only meet our strict standards but also the standards set out by Health Canada.

Forming and prep for drying

Once the meat or seafood is grind we run the raw material through our forming machine. Once that step is complete the raw material is hand placed on screens which will go into our large commercial dehydrators.

Drying through Dehydration

Our products are dehydrated over a long period of time. Most products are dehydrated for over 20 hours. Due to the long drying time almost all of the moisture is removed allowing our products to remain as good as the day they were produced to over 2 years!

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